ip-max Switzerland

For the connection, we use IP-Max, one of the leading providers in Switzerland. IP-Max operates its own network, the quality of which is based both on many connections in Europe and on its selection in terms of Tier 1 networks (NTT, Telia, Lumen, GTT and OpenTransit).

NTT Data Center

ISO 27001 certified Data Centers from NTT securely house walkingtoweb's private racks in Switzerland.
Electricity from renewable energy with environmentally friendly Swiss hydropower is used throughout the data center. The data center has also received LEED Platinum pre-certification from the US Green Building Council.

RIPE Internet Registry

walkingtoweb is a full RIPE member with its own IPv4 and IPv6 address space.

RRPproxy Domain Registrar

We offer the administration of the domains in cooperation with CentralNic Reseller. This gives us over 1000 domains from (almost) all registries to choose from.

Dell Server for eMail and Collaboration Cloud

Dell servers are the technical platform for the virtualization platform Proxmox VE.

Apple MacPro und MacMini Server for FileMaker Cloud

MacStudio and MacMini Server are the technical platform for Claris FileMaker cloud hosting with dedicated hardware.

Network technology with managed switches from Netgear

For the internal network, we use a cluster of Netgear switches with a connection of 10G/40G per server. All servers are redundantly connected via two networks.

Synology NAS Server

SAN/NAS RackStations from Synology are used as high-availability HA clusters to store the data.
Synology RackStation are also offered for Synology DSM hosting.

Virtualization with Proxmox VE

For virtualization, we use Proxmox VE as a modern open source virtualization platform in a cluster.

Intelligent power management with server technology

Systems from Server Technology handle the intelligent power management of all servers.

Room surveillance and monitoring with APC Schneider

Solutions from APC Schneider are used to monitor and monitor access.

German-language, independent trade journal for everyone who works with FileMaker

For the sale of FileMaker licenses we work together with our partner FileMaker Magazin in Hamburg. Here you will find licensing professionals who can best advise you on your requirements.
The FileMaker Magazin is a German-language, independent trade journal for everyone who works with FileMaker. (The team also speaks English and can give you comprehensive advice on licensing issues with FileMaker.)

Association of Swiss Professional Photographers and Filmmakers (SBF)

As a SILVER partner, we support the work of the Association of Swiss Professional Photographers and Filmmakers (SBF).
walkingtoweb offers special conditions for active members of the SBF.


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