Analyze the visitors of your website or your online shop

If you operate a website and want to determine which visitors use your offers, you must comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is not a problem with Matomo Analytics, as all the legal bases for data-saving evaluation are already integrated and the hosting takes place exclusively in Switzerland.

Matomo Analytics from walkingtoweb is the secure Swiss platform for data protection-compliant real-time analysis of websites.

Best Matomo Analytics Hosting Switzerland

Benefits for walkingtoweb's Matomo Analytics Hosting

When using Google Analytics, you must have every user of your website give you explicit consent to the transfer of their data. Since Google Analytics links the usage behavior of all website visitors and connects it to other Google services, no data protection is provided. However, if users do not give their consent, the evaluation data will be shifted and you, as the operator of the website, will no longer be able to see which areas the visitors are interested in.

With Matomo Analytics, you have a modern alternative solution that can be operated without cookies and in a data-saving manner.

All servers are located exclusively in Switzerland and thus meet all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. As a company, you have full control over your data, 100% GDPR compliant and with an optional contract for order data processing (AVV).

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Monitor all interactions on websites with Matomo in compliance with data protection regulations

Easy to use and integrate

Matomo Analytics can be easily integrated into existing websites with a snippet.

Subdomains can also be integrated into the evaluation. Targets and tags can be used to monitor individual pages or areas with a keyword, so that you can predefine very in-depth evaluations.

Our offers for the analysis of your websites

walkingtoweb offers a flexibly scalable analytics solution based on Matomo Analytics.

We would be happy to advise you without obligation which Matomo Analytics hosting is the best for your requirements.

Matomo Analytics BRONZE

CHF 15

EUR 14

USD 16

Beste Lösung für alle Websites

1 Website

10 Subdomains

1 User

Shared Matomo Analytics Server

SSL Certificate

100% Green electricity

99% Reachability

Hosting Switzerland 100% GDPR

Include for Web Hosting GOLD and PLATIN

Matomo Analytics SILVER

CHF 30

EUR 29

USD 32

Solution when using multiple websites

5 Websites

50 Subdomains

5 User

Shared Matomo Analytics Server

SSL Certificate

100% Green electricity

99% Reachability

Hosting Switzerland 100% GDPR

Matomo Analytics GOLD

CHF 50

EUR 48

USD 54

Recommended Solution for Agencies

15 Websites

200 Subdomains

15 User

Shared Matomo Analytics Server

SSL Certificate

100% Green electricity

99% Reachability

Hosting Switzerland 100% GDPR

Matomo Analytics PLATIN

CHF 75

EUR 72

USD 81

Empfohlene Lösung für Unternehmen

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Subdomains

Unlimited User

Private Matomo Analytics Server

Adminzugang inkl. SSH

150 GB Disk space


SSL Certificate

100% Green electricity

99% Reachability

Hosting Switzerland 100% GDPR

All prices are net prices per month and will be invoiced for Swiss customers plus the statutory VAT.
The basic setup for the Matomo Analytics server is charged at a one-time fee of CHF 50 / EUR 47 / USD 54.
Additional services such as additional users, additional websites and other options on request.

Included in every package at walkingtoweb

  • 100% Swiss Linux Hosting
  • 100% Swiss hydropower
  • 24/7 Network and server monitoring
  • Redundant servers and networks
  • Backup of all servers (14 days 1 x per day / 4 weeks 1 x per week / 2 months 1 x per month)
  • Security monitoring by walkingtoweb
  • SSL Certificate from Thawte
  • Complete solution for companies
  • Flexible solutions and prices
  • Deployment of the finished Matomo Analytics server
  • Use without artificial restrictions
  • You can update your package at any time
  • Personal contact persons

Server Management by walkingtoweb

walkingtoweb monitors and maintains your Matomo Analytics Server so you can focus on your business. With an optional support contract, we take care of the maintenance of the operating system and the Analytics Server updates and, if necessary, we test the hardware and software for possible problems.

More information about our support services can be found here.

Climate-neutral operation

We use climate-neutral electricity from renewable energy with environmentally friendly Swiss hydropower.

Swiss Hosting

walkingtoweb operates its own servers, which are located in Switzerland together with the backups.
Data protection including GDPR is a matter of course for walkingtoweb.

SSL encryption

All servers are secured with Thawte SSL certificates. The SSL certificates are regularly exchanged for current versions. You can fully encrypt private servers. In addition, you can use your own s/MIME certificates to send your eMails securely.

Compare with Google Analytics

Send us an email if you have any further questions or requirements.

Matomo Analytics Google Analytics
Display of live data
Tracking of all actions
Protection from ad blockers

Since Matomo Analytics works data-sparingly and with full consideration of the GDPR and there is no link to advertising services, Matomo is not blocked.

Integration of Google AdWords
GDPR Konform
Tracking with inactive JavaScript
Analytics Limitations No Maximum 10 million actions
Location Data walkingtoweb Cloud (Switzerland) Google Cloud (USA)
2FA Login


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