Secure and high-performance Kerio Connect eMail groupware

The eMail groupware hosting at walkingtoweb is the secure and GDPR-compliant eMail cloud for companies and teams.
eMails, appointments, tasks, notes and contacts are available in an integrated solution for all requirements in the browser or for easy integration into existing eMails and calendars. The eMail Groupware is based on Kerio Connect and has been the best and most secure alternative to Microsoft Exchange, Gmail and Office365 for more than 20 years. The solution is easier for users to operate and for administrators in the company it is also easier and faster to configure. The stability and security of Kerio Connect lets you focus on your business instead of unexpected downtime and recovery.

Tens of thousands of satisfied customers in Europe have been relying on Kerio for 20 years because the stable and mature eMail servers have proven themselves in practice and have excellent integrated user guidance. Help your team to become better and to implement the daily challenges with an integrated tool.

eMail Groupware from walkingtoweb is the secure communication platform for companies and teams.

eMail Cloud from walkingtoweb with Kerio Connect

Benefits of walkingtoweb mail hosting

  • Choice of private eMail groupware cloud or shared eMail cloud hosting
  • Comprehensive eMail and groupware solution including calendar, resources, contacts, tasks, chat and notes
  • Use of the safe and secure eMail server Kerio Connect has been in place for many years
  • Best and multiple award-winning alternative to Microsoft Exchange, Office365, Google Workspace
  • Support for all eMail, calendar and address clients via IMAP, POP3, SMTP, CardDAV, WebDAV, LDAP
  • SSL encryption, S/MIME and effective anti-virus and anti-spam tools
  • Optional encryption for the whole eMail server
  • Secure Swiss eMail hosting with lots of storage space and full data sovereignty
  • Easily scalable eMail groupware without additional hardware and license costs
  • Complete control over your data
  • Use without artificial restrictions
  • Provision of a ready-to-use eMail server including SSL certificate
  • GDPR compliant eMail hosting in Switzerland
  • Personal contacts with more than 20 years of experience with groupware solutions
Modern webmail and integrated groupware for eMail, appointments, tasks, notes

Easy to use and integrate with Kerio eMail Connect Hosting

All functions can be used in a modern WebMail client or you can integrate the eMail groupware in Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird or any other modern eMail and calendar software. On smartphones, new eMails and events are simply delivered via push. Kerio Connect is the best choice when you need easy integration with a wide range of different systems, you are not locked into one manufacturer.

With walkingtoweb, benefit from managed eMail hosting with personal contact persons.

The walkingtoweb eMail cloud is secure mail hosting with full data sovereignty.

Best alternative to Exchange and Microsoft Office365

Migration of existing eMail servers

Existing eMail servers based on Kerio Connect, Microsoft Exchange or other IMAP-based systems can be easily migrated. The entire migration can be done by walkingtoweb, please contact us so we can find the best solution for your needs.

eMail groupware from walkingtoweb means independence and security for your important company data.

Spam protection and blacklists

eMail hosting for companies and freelancers

eMail is the most important way of communication for companies and the self-employed. A reliable, secure and data protection-compliant sending and receiving of eMail is therefore essential. eMail hosting with walkingtoweb is the secure alternative for Microsoft Exchange, Office365, Google Workspace and other providers. As a company, you have full control over your data, 100% GDPR compliant and with an optional contract for order data processing (AVV).

The eMail groupware cloud offers comprehensive and secure mail hosting where all groupware functions are integrated that are required in a company. Don't lose any more time with the large number of isolated solutions, but use an eMail platform that has been secure and award-winning for more than 20 years for all requirements.

Swiss eMail Groupware Hosting with walkingtoweb

References who are enthusiastic about the eMail Cloud with walkingtoweb

Financial Services: AIC Financial Services, SIGLO Capital Advisors
Trade and Gastronomy: dearsoap Showertower, Suedhang Weine Schweiz
Management: Esdomo Holding, program51 Projektmanagement
Museums and Galleries: Citizen Conservation
Public Administration: Schule für Kunst und Design Zürich
Transport and Traffic: Sharc Booking Management, SafetyWissen by carhs
Advertising: Aroma Schweiz, Die Illustratoren Hamburg, Lineto Type Foundry, Publilux Stadtwerbung, Scanderbeg Sauer Photography, Visualeyes International

Our offers for business mail hosting

walkingtoweb offers a flexibly scalable eMail cloud for companies and freelancers with the award-winning Kerio eMail server.
eMail hosting at walkingtoweb is available as shared eMail hosting (recommended for teams), private eMail servers (recommended for companies) or bundle solutions including managed firewall, secure NextCloud hosting and optional Synology NAS servers.
We would be happy to advise you without obligation on which eMail Cloud is best for your requirements.

Do you want to bring your Kerio Connect Server safely to the walkingtoweb cloud?
We take over existing Kerio eMail servers including existing Kerio Connect licenses.

eMail Cloud

from CHF 10

from EUR 9

from USD 11

eMail hosting for teams and freelancers

Shared eMail Hosting
with Kerio Connect

1 - 100 Accounts

10 - 25 GB per account

Push eMail include

100 MB eMail Size

SpamFilter and AntiVirus include

SSL Certificate

100% Green electricity

99% Reachability

Hosting Switzerland 100% GDPR

eMail Cloud

from CHF 70

from EUR 65

from USD 76

Best Solution for business

Private eMail Server
with Kerio Connect

10 - 2000 Accounts

10 - 1000 GB per account

Push eMail include

200 MB eMail Size

to 8 CPU

to 128 GB RAM

to 20 TB Disk Space

SpamFilter and AntiVirus include

Encryption include

SSL Certificate

100% Green electricity

99% Reachability

Hosting Switzerland 100% GDPR

Alternate: Integrate Solution Cloud

from CHF 150

from EUR 150

from USD 150

Complete solution for companies that want everything from a single source

eMail Cloud Server
up to 20 TB Disk Space

up to 100 TB Disk Space

Web Hosting

Managed Firewall

Synology NAS

Backup Cloud
up to 200 TB

SSL Certificate

100% Green electricity

99% Reachability

Hosting Switzerland 100% GDPR

All prices are net prices per month and will be invoiced for Swiss customers plus the statutory VAT.

Server Management von walkingtoweb

walkingtoweb monitors and maintains your eMail Server so you can focus on your business. With an optional support contract, we take care of the maintenance of the operating system and the Kerio Connect Server updates and, if necessary, we test the hardware and software for possible problems.

More information about our support services can be found here.

Climate-neutral operation

We use climate-neutral electricity from renewable energy with environmentally friendly Swiss hydropower.

Swiss Hosting

walkingtoweb operates its own servers, which are located in Switzerland together with the backups.
Data protection including GDPR is a matter of course for walkingtoweb.

SSL encryption

All servers are secured with Thawte SSL certificates. The SSL certificates are regularly exchanged for current versions. You can fully encrypt private servers. In addition, you can use your own s/MIME certificates to send your eMails securely.

Features of walkingtoweb's email cloud

Send us an email if you have any further questions or requirements.

Functions and possibilities
Disk space - eMail Cloud Shared 10 to 25 GB GB per mailbox. If you book multiple accounts, the total amount of storage is flexibly distributed across all mailboxes.
An email can be up to 100MB in size.
The number of emails is only limited by the storage space.
Disk space - eMail Cloud Server From 100 GB per server, flexibly expandable up to 20 TB.
An email can be up to 200MB in size.
The number of emails is only limited by the storage space.
Managed eMail Hosting We take care of security updates and the maintenance of the operating system and if you have any questions, we are also available for your private eMail groupware. If you want to make special settings on the system, we will be happy to support you.
Data transfer FairUse Flatrate
Own Domain Each email groupware can be linked to one (or more) of your own domains.
You can adjust the DNS of your existing domain or buy a domain from us.
SSL Certificate We provide a Thawte SSL certificate free of charge when using email hosting with a subdomain (
If you have your own domain, you can install your own SSL certificates.
eMail Accounts One Account corresponds to a natural person.
Any number of email addresses can be assigned to each mailbox.
The maximum number of accounts depends on the selected contract and can easily be expanded.
Groups Each group has its own email address.
This group can be assigned any number of eMail accounts that receive eMails.
The number of groups is not limited and can be adjusted by yourself.
Ressources Resources can be defined for the calendar. For example, a resource can be a room or a vehicle booked from the email accounts.
The number of resources is not limited and can be adjusted by yourself.
Access Browser Any modern web browser with JavaScript can be used for access.
Integration in macOS eMails, calendar, contacts and tasks can be integrated into any Apple software.
Solutions like Spark, Thunderbird or AirMail can be used alternatively.
Integration in iOS eMail, calendar, contacts and tasks can be easily integrated with IMAP, CardDAV and CalDav.
New emails and events are transferred to the iOS device via push or ActiveSync.
Other email and calendar apps can also be used.
Mobile devices can be wiped by the administrator using Remote Wipe.
Integration in Windows Outlook (include MAPI), Thunderbird or other eMail clients can be easily connected.
Any software that supports IMAP, CardDAV and CalDav can be used.
Integration in Android Apps that support IMAP, CardDAV and CalDav can be easily integrated.
Negative lists and spam filters Built-in negativ lists compare the sender to directories of known spammers.
A spam filter capable of learning recognizes recurring patterns in eMails and can be trained by marking an eMail as spam from the client.
Individual positive lists can be defined for senders who have inadvertently been included in the negative list.
Automatic notification of absence Each employee can store automatic absence messages, which are sent to the sender in a self-adjustable period.
Storage location walkingtoweb Cloud (Schweiz)
Compliant with Yes, a GDPR contract including AVV is available.
Optional eMail archive Automatic archiving is available as an optional service for Private eMail Cloud Server.
Automatic backup 30 Days
Price Hardware Include
Price Licences Include


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