FileMaker - The best database for all tasks and business applications

Do you have a challenge that cannot be solved with any ready-made software?

FileMaker FileMaker is the award-winning database for all tasks and applications for companies and the freelancers. Develop software for your individual requirements quickly and easily. Without specialist knowledge, you can add new functions to your FileMaker databases at any time and thus adapt the solution to your wishes, without expensive programmers or dependencies on external companies.

FileMaker is the ideal database for companies and the freelancers who want to digitally modernize quickly and effectively.

FileMaker databases in Swiss FileMaker Cloud Hosting

Benefits for FileMaker hosting with walkingtoweb in Switzerland

  • Privat FileMaker Cloud
  • Secure Swiss Hosting
  • High-performance server optimized for FileMaker databases with lots of storage space
  • Access via FileMaker and WebDirect
  • Complete control over your data
  • Use without restrictions
  • Provision of a ready-to-use FileMaker Server include Thawte SSL certificate
  • GDPR Compliant FileMaker Hosting
  • Personal contacts with more than 30 years of experience with FileMaker solutions
FileMaker Cloud secure in Switzerland

Easy to use and integrate

You always have secure and encrypted access to your FileMaker databases. You can use FileMaker with macOS, Windows or iOS. Access with WebDirect is also possible, so your FileMaker database is made available (almost) 1:1 in the web browser. In addition, you can use the FileMaker API, OData, PHP, ODBC, SQL and REST for external requests. FileMaker can be used as the middleware for everything your business needs, today and in the future, without the enormous costs of other software solutions.

You can connect your FileMaker hosting with other external databases and exchange data bi-directionally with third-party solutions. For example, integrate SQL, MySQL, Postgres or Oracle databases directly into your FileMaker Cloud solutions. For web shops, web-based CRM solutions, newsletters and other solutions, FileMaker provides you with a comprehensive front end.

FileMaker's enormous range of functions can be expanded with a large number of plugins and custom functions. So it is possible to expand your FileMaker database, for example, to a complete eMail Client, an integrated to create agency software or to set up an image database.

If necessary, you can adapt your FileMaker databases to the requirements of your CI down to the last detail. You can use ready-made styles or generate your own styles. Depending on the requirements, you can only make selected functions visible to a limited group of users, so that inexperienced users do not have to despair of handling them.
With an extensive assignment of coordinated usage rights depending on the user type, you ensure a high level of security for your own data. AES-256 encryption of the FileMaker databases is also possible.

Best FileMaker Cloud Hosting

References who are enthusiastic about the FileMaker Cloud with walkingtoweb

Architects and Engineers: Arkan Zeytinoglu Architects, SchreyöggBau, WaltGalmarini
Construction: Hans Hunziker Holzbau
Financial Services: BVK Zürich, Euregex
Trade and Gastronomy: Markthalle Zürich, Marktlücke Zürich, Suedhang Weine
Art and Cultur: AlbaGorka Artist Management, Bühne Aarau, k7 Records, Fantoche Festival für Animationsfilm, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF3, Theaterverein Frauenfeld, Zürcher Sing-Akademie
Healthcare and Medicine: HealthVision, Muntinga Therapiepraxis, Regio144 Rettungsdienste
Museums and Galleries: Fondazione Marguerite Arp, Fundaziun Capauliana, Galerie Reinhard Hauff, Kulturbühne Ambach, Künzler Kunsthandel, Museum Engiadinais, Museum Schloss Burgdorf, Tobias Mueller Modern Art
Industry and Manufacturing: 3M, Lunge Laufschuhe, Zuriga Espressomaschinen
Public Administration: Stadt Zürich
Seminars and Exhibitions: ConPlus Projekte, if-kongress Management
Software Development: ClaroTools Software, DabuFlow Software, Dr. Christopher Busch, Putz EDV, Qualicura Software, Relation Works Software
Tourism: Ebneter Reisen
Transport and Traffic: Deutsche Lotsenboot, gmbh, VeloLink Schweiz
Universities and Schools: Schweizer Geigenbauschule, Universität Bern, Universität Zürich
Publishers: Axel Springer Verlag, Peter Meyer Verlag
Advertising: Alpenplakat, Visualeyes International

walkingtoweb has been the premier destination for FileMaker Cloud Hosting for over 20 years.

Offers for sophisticated FileMaker Server hosting in a secure Swiss cloud

walkingtoweb offers a flexibly scalable FileMaker cloud based on Linux or macOS.
We would be happy to advise you without obligation on which FileMaker Cloud is best for your requirements.

FileMaker 19
Linux Cloud

from CHF 25

from EUR 22

from USD 27

Best FileMaker Cloud Hosting with Linux for
FileMaker 19

Private FileMaker Linux Server

No user limit
Price for the entire server

BYOL Your own FileMaker license

125 Databases

50 GB to 4 TB Disk space

4 GB bis 64 GB RAM

1 to 16 CPU

Backups 30 Days

Plugins accessible

SSL Certificate

Subdomain include

100% Green electricity

99% Reachability

Hosting Switzerland 100% GDPR

Dedicated macOS Server

from CHF 130

from EUR 114

from USD 141

Privat MacMini / MacStudio Server for
Claris FileMaker 19

Private FileMaker Server

No user limit
Price for the entire server

BYOL Your own FileMaker license

125 Databases

512 GB to 8 TB Disk space

to 768 GB RAM

Backups 30 Days

Plugins accessible

SSL Certificate

Subdomain include

100% Green electricity

99% Reachability

Hosting Switzerland 100% GDPR

Shared Cloud

from CHF 35

from EUR 33

from USD 38

Inexpensive Shared Hosting for
FileMaker 14, 15, 16

Shared FileMaker Server

1 - 10 Databases

1 GB to 100 GB Disk space

Backups 7 Days

SSL Certificate

100% Green electricity

99% Reachability

Hosting Switzerland 100% GDPR

All prices are net prices per month and will be invoiced for Swiss customers plus the statutory VAT.

FileMaker Server Management by walkingtoweb as an optional service

walkingtoweb monitors and maintains your FileMaker Server so you can focus on your business. With an optional support contract, we take care of the maintenance of the operating system and the FileMaker Server updates and, if necessary, we test the hardware and software for possible problems.

More information about our support services can be found here.

Climate-neutral operation

We use climate-neutral electricity from renewable energy with environmentally friendly Swiss hydropower.

Swiss Hosting

walkingtoweb operates its own servers, which are located in Switzerland together with the backups.
Data protection including GDPR is a matter of course for walkingtoweb.

SSL encryption

All servers are secured with Thawte SSL certificates. The SSL certificates are regularly exchanged for current versions. You can fully encrypt private servers. In addition, you can use your own s/MIME certificates to send your eMails securely.

Comparison of FileMaker Cloud from walkingtoweb and other providers

Compare between walkingtoweb's FileMaker Cloud, a server at your office and Claris FileMaker Cloud.
Send us an email if you have any further questions or requirements.

walkingtoweb Cloud Server at your office Claris Cloud
FileMaker Server Version FileMaker 19 to 14 FileMaker 19 to 14 FileMaker 19
FileMaker Client Version FileMaker 19 to 13 FileMaker 19 to 13 FileMaker 19
Use of existing FileMaker licenses

When using the FileMaker Cloud from walkingtoweb, you simply continue to use your existing FileMaker licenses.
Using the Claris Cloud requires a new license purchase.

Access with non-contract FileMaker Clients

When using the FileMaker Cloud from walkingtoweb, users who already have a FileMaker license can also connect to your server.
When using the Claris Cloud, only licenses from the new Claris contract can access it.

FileMaker Server Plugins

With plugins you can add other important functions to your FileMaker database, for example for sending and receiving emails directly via the FileMaker Server.

Scripts on the server

Scripts can be used to automate tasks in your FileMaker databases, for example to regularly determine the current key figures for sales.

SSL Certificate

The connection between FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server is fully encrypted only if an SSL certificate is installed on the FileMaker Server.


With WebDirect you can easily display your database in an web browser.


Custom Web Publishing allows easy integration of FileMaker databases with other solutions.

External SQL data sources

Integrate existing databases based on SQL, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle and MariaDB into your FileMaker database. You can use this to connect an existing online store to FileMaker, for example.

ODBC Connection

With an ODBC interface, the FileMaker Server can provide databases in the network for use with other programs, e.g. if you want to access FileMaker data from Excel.

Managed Server

We take care of security updates and the maintenance of the operating system and if you have any questions, we are also available for your private FileMaker Cloud. If you want to make special settings on the system, we will be happy to support you, we have over 30 years of experience with FileMaker in a large number of sometimes special applications.

Location Servers and Backups walkingtoweb Cloud (Switzerland) At your office Amazon Cloud (USA)
Compatible with the GDPR Only with a written contract with Claris USA

With full access you can install additional applications and integrations, for example for an automatic backup to your private NextCloud or for interpreters based on Python and other tools.

Full access to the server Full access to the server Restricted Access
Hardware / Virtualization Multiple redundant Dell hardware as a cluster with ProxmoxVE cluster as High-Performant KVM Hypervisor or Privat MacMini / MacStudio Server Own hardware Amazon AWS
operating system Ubuntu Linux, macOS Windows, macOS, Linux Linux
Disk space 50 GB to 8 TB Depending on your own system 6 GB per User / Year
Backup Options Customizable Customizable Automatically every 20 min
Backup space Local, NextCloud, Backup Cloud, Synology, other Own hardware Amazon EBS
Billing monthly, half-yearly, yearly yearly
Language of support german, english english
Type of support Personally via eMail, Phone, Remote support via AnyDesk eMail
Advice on the optimal solution before booking
Hardware costs Include Investment in current server hardware, backup solutions, firewall, network technology, SSL certificates, administration Include
Price FileMaker Cloud from 25 CHF per server / month -> unlimited user from 39 USD per user / year
Number of minimum users None 5 User
free Test Include for 30 days

You can try the entire FileMaker Cloud (FileMaker Linux or FileMaker Shared) for 30 days at no cost. If you have any questions, you can reach us personally before and during the entire hosting period.



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