SSL Certs - The Road to Secure Communications

SSL Certs

SSL Certificates provide secure communication to visitors to your site, increasing trust in the content offered. Using an SSL certificate will prove your identity through a validation process performed by a certification authority.
The certified SSL encryption ensures that information between your web server and visitors’ browsers remains confidential and that your website truly belongs to your company. With a website protected by SSL, you prove that high security standards are integrated into the data transmission.

We offer SSL Certificates from Thawte, which are known for high compatibility and comprehensive security. Thawte SSL Certificates are provided with the Thawte seal for trusted sites. The date contained therein confirms the current validity of the SSL certificate. Additional certificates are available on request.

SSL Certs von Thawte

Thawte SSL123 Certificate

Entry-certificate with up to 256-bit encryption. The validation process checks whether the applicant has the rights to use the specified domain

Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate

This certificate is fully corporate-authenticated and provides 256-bit encryption.
The validation process includes full authentication of business identity, domain authentication, and contact person verification.

Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate with Extended Validation

This certificate is fully corporate-authenticated and provides 256-bit encryption.
This certificate provides Extended Validation, a rigorous validation process that will allow your customers to be confident that the website they are visiting really represents the specified company.

High-security browsers display the unique features of advanced validation, such as, the green address bar and the issuing certification authority.

Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate

With the Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate, an unlimited number of subdomains can be backed up to one server. This certificate is a fully corporate-authenticated certificate with 256-bit encryption.

Validation is through full enterprise authentication: business identity authentication, domain authentication, and a check to see if the user belongs to the company.

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