Solutions for your secure web hosting

Optimized for FileMaker PHP and restFM

Take advantage of the possibilities of the web interface FileMaker Server together with PHP, ODBC and restFM without the costs associated with WebDirect. Integrate MySQL and other databases with FileMaker into a web solution that allows you to offer your FileMaker Custom app on the Web free of a license fee.

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal

Small web projects can be implemented quickly and easily with ready-made solutions such as Wordpress or Drupal. Use the ready templates of Wordpress with just a few clicks and present your project quickly with little development effort.

Complex Web Projects

If you want to implement complex custom web projects, walkingtoweb offers comprehensive solutions for projects with a large number of links, subdomains and high data volume. Online picture archives with several TB image stocks and clustered websites across several international locations are no problem for us.

Active DDoS protection

DDoS attacks are getting bigger and more mature. Thanks to our DDoS Mitigation, attacks on your web application, website or online shop can be pinpointed and neutralized with minimal interruption.

Domains, Whois Privacy Service

We offer a huge selection of generic and geographic domain endings. Besides the standard domains like .com, .de, .ch, all endings and also domains like .tv (interesting e.g., for film and TV projects) or .ag (interesting e,g,. for joint stock companies) are possible.
An optional Whois Privacy Service is available on request for a variety of domains.

SSL Certs

SSL Certificates provide secure communication to visitors to your website, increasing trust in the content offered. With an SSL certificate, you prove your identity through a validation process performed by a certification authority.
The certified SSL encryption ensures that information between your web server and the website visitors' browsers remains confidential and that your website truly belongs to your company. With a website protected by SSL, you prove that high security standards are integrated into the data transmission.

We offer SSL Certificates from Thawte, which are characterized by high compatibility and comprehensive security. Thawte SSL Certificates are provided with the Thawte seal for trusted sites. Additional certificates on request.

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