walkingtoweb partnerships

At walkingtoweb we offer you all the services needed for high-security hosting of your FileMaker databases, emails and documents from a single source. Our partners support us in our projects and have made it possible for us to be one of the market leaders in FileMaker hosting for many years.

Backbone with ip-maxFor the backbone connection we use the Swiss provider ip-max with its own network in Switzerland and direct nodes to Level3 via Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and Lonton.

SSL coverage by THAWTEWe use SSL certificates from THAWTE to protect all transmissions. Validation is through full enterprise authentication: business identity authentication, domain authentication, and a check to see if the applicant belongs to the company.

Brainworks and KerioThe Munich based Kerio specialist Brainworks supports us with a holistic partner concept for the integration of the Kerio Connect Groupware, Kerio Control Firewall and Kerio Operator VOIP solutions in the care of our Kerio customers.

Key-SystemsAll domains are registered and managed by the German company Key-Systems. As a full service provider for whois, privacy and domains, we can rely on a strong partner based in the EU, covering all aspects of domain registration.

RIPE NCCwalkingtoweb is a full RIPE member with its own IPv4 and IPv6 address space.

FileMaker MagazineThe purchase and full support of FileMaker licenses are covered by our partner FileMaker Magazine. You’ll not only get better prices, dealing with FileMaker directly, but also full personal support for all FileMaker topics.

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