Login to the walkingtoweb services

Here you’ll find the logins for server services at walkingtoweb.com.

All services are protected with secure SSL connections. All data, backups and servers are located exclusively in a highly secure data center in Switzerland.

When requesting our support, please always include the server name and your project name so that we can help you promptly.

Kerio Connect

WEBMAIL - Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Resources

Mail1 (mail.walkingtoweb.com)
Mail2 (mail2.walkingtoweb.com)
Mail3 (mail3.walkingtoweb.com)

KERIO Connect Admin - Administration of Kerio email accounts

Administration - Mail1 (mail.walkingtoweb.com)
Administration - Mail2 (mail2.walkingtoweb.com)
Administration - Mail3 (mail2.walkingtoweb.com)


Web Hosting - Admin with ISPConfig

Server web1
Server web2

Data Archive - Access via FTPs / WebDAV


FileMaker Cloud Hosting

FileMaker WebDirect

Server contra
Server grandedixence
Server mattmark
Server moiry
Server ovaspin

FileMaker IWP

Server mauvoisin
Server molina

FileMaker Backups via WebFTP / WebDAV

Server grandedixence
Server mattmark
Server mauvoisin
Server moiry
Server molina
Server ovaspin

FileMaker Server Admin Console

FM14 Server contra
FM14 Server grandedixence
FM14 Server mattmark
FM14 Server moiry
FM12 Server molina
FM14 Server ovaspin

You’ll receive the login data for private servers to the restart console as well as for VPN when you register.

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