Data Center in Switzerland

Hochsicheres FileMaker Cloud Hosting in der Schweiz

Highest security level data center

walkingtoweb uses a state-of-the-art, multiply-secure data center in Switzerland. Our infrastructure is protected multiple times by firewalls and active DDoS protection.
The data center is completely self-sufficient, redundantly built and repeatedly secured against all external attacks. Access is only possible after personal access control with palm vein authentication, with guards using the 4-eye-principle, and authorization by ID documents. Between the entrance and the racks, 7 more gates have to be opened and unlocked, access is only possible for actively authorized users. The data center is equipped with state-of-the-art air conditioning, fire prevention and security systems. Further, our servers are themselves located in additionally secured racks, which only the employees of walkingtoweb can access.

Highsecure FileMaker Cloud Hosting in Switzerland

Data security

In current times, when the state monitoring of all network content in the US is just as standard as in the European Union, Switzerland has very restrictive rules for monitoring Internet traffic. A blanket surveillance as in DE or the US is not possible in Switzerland. Your FileMaker databases, emails, documents and backups can be accommodated on multiple, secure, shared or private servers. Your data is only and exclusively hosted in Switzerland and also backed-up only in Switzerland. We do not use services that are offered in EU countries or the US and attach the utmost importance to the comprehensive protection of your digital data. walkingtoweb complies with all data protection regulations of Switzerland and thus also all applicable EU / DE / AT data protection regulations including the DSGvO.

Hochsicheres FileMaker Cloud Hosting in den Schweizer Alpen


As a location for major corporations and major universities worldwide, Switzerland has always had a very good connection to the European and worldwide Internet. Redundant connections via fiber to Zurich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Milan and Paris guarantee very fast direct connections with low latencies, which is very important for hosting FileMaker databases. Thanks to these connections, the data center can guarantee the direct connection of each server to the Internet with a bandwidth of 1000 Mbps (per server), since the total capacity is many times higher. Our network connection is actively protected by our network operator against DDoS attacks.

Take advantage of our high security solutions for your secure FileMaker Cloud, Kerio Groupware Cloud, NextCloud, Mac colocation or as a secure data archive.

Climate-neutral operation with green energy from hydropower

Our data center relies 100% on climate-neutral power from renewable energy from environmentally friendly hydropower. We fully compensate for all purchased electricity and act in a climate-neutral manner as a sustainable energy industry.

All servers used by walkingtoweb bear the name of a reservoir in Switzerland, which also shows our connection to sustainable energy use in hosting.

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