Security during data access to walkingtoweb

Security and the highest level of data protection is a core concern for us as a Swiss hosting company. In order to secure access to your data, we have installed SSL certificates from Thawte or GeoTrust for all servers and services with a verification from our company. The data transfer between your computer and our servers is always encrypted.

SSL Cert Thawte

GeoTrust SSL

FileMaker Databases

Access to the FileMaker Cloud Servers from is completely SSL encrypted via FileMaker, iPad and WebDirect. As hosting service providers, we have no way to access the contents of your databases. You secure your FileMaker databases yourself by assigning secure and non-reproducible passwords. We recommend assigning separate and secure passwords for each employee and changing them regularly.

Furthermore you have the option to encrypt the database as well as the external containers with AES-256. Access to your data is no longer possible without a password!
You can find more information about AES-256 encryption here.

Access via PHP, XML, restFM and ODBC can be encrypted. The access path via SSL is defined by you in the login data of the app or the PHP or XML files.

WebDAV, WebFTP and FTPs

When you upload or download data to the server and use the WebDAV protocol, the connection is secured by SSL. This applies to access via web browser as well as via corresponding FTPs / WebDAV software.

NextCloud and private Kerio Connect or Kerio Operator Server

The virtual NextCloud or Kerio servers are secured with a wildcard SSL Cert provided by walkingtoweb. Optionally, an individual SSL Cert can be installed according to your requirements.

Kerio Groupware for email and calendar hosting

Access to the Kerio Connect email and groupware server is SSL-encrypted throughout. This relates to both IMAP, POP3, SMTP, as well as access via browser. In addition, further protection mechanisms against spammers, sniffers and hackers have been activated.

DDoS protection

Despite high costs, we have enabled active DDoS protection for the entire infrastructure. In contrast to providers such as Cloudflare or Akami, the protection takes place directly in Switzerland and not via an insecure diversion of your data via US American servers.

Private Mac Servers

Your private MacPro and MacMini servers are housed each in their own separate rack and are hosted separately from the regular network. A connection is only possible via an IP address or alternatively only via VPN.

General security information for hosting

As a data center, walkingtoweb uses a state-of-the-art and multi-secure data center in Switzerland. Our infrastructure is protected multiple times by firewalls and active DDoS protection.
The data center is completely self-sufficient and redundant and repeatedly secured against all external attacks. Access is only possible after personal access control with palm print, 4-eye-principle with the guards, and authorization of ID documents. Between the entrance and the racks, 7 more gates must be opened and unlocked and access is only possible for unlocked users. The data center is equipped with state-of-the-art air conditioning, fire prevention and security systems. On top of that, our servers are located in additionally secured racks which only the employees of walkingtoweb can access.

walkingtoweb offers the most modern technologies to make your business data securely available to your customers, partners and employees. If you have any questions, we are here for you.

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