Consulting on security issues in your company

As an entrepreneur you are confronted daily with new technological challenges.
The topic of security and the protection of one's own infrastructure is usually ignored or dismissed with very simple solutions. Or have you already thought about attacks on your network and the important resource of your data and documents? Attacks are made on a daily basis, anywhere, without warning, and can cause damage that threatens the continued existence of your business. But a backup is no security, because it is important to proactively deal with issues such as viruses, Trojans, attacks or manipulated USB sticks.
Because it's not a question of being attacked, it's just a question of when it will happen.

We advise and guide you comprehensively on all topics of multiple backup of your company data. Together with you we carry out an entire audit of all relevant areas, make recommendations and then accompany you in implementing the new security guidelines. These include backup techniques as well as firewall solutions and initiation of employee awareness through workshops and guidelines.

If you’d like a personal consultation, please contact us..

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