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Kerio Operator

Secure VOIP Hosting with walkingtoweb

Take advantage of the exclusive and dedicated hosting of a complete Kerio Operator VOIP phone system at walkingtoweb to connect to SIP providers and endpoints of your choice. You do not need your own hardware, backup systems or Kerio licenses and you are independent of the solutions of just one SIP provider. walkingtoweb maintains, monitors and supports your private VOIP solution for you.

Kerio Operator is a VOIP-based small business telephone system that provides powerful, affordable voice and video communications.

Kerio Operator _ Funktionen die Nutzer lieben

The Kerio Operator Softphone lets you make voice and video calls, listen to voicemails, set call forwarding and check call history. Access is possible anytime from anywhere with a simple Web administration.

The Kerio Operator Softphone App turns iOS or Android based phones into a virtual office phone. The app uses your mobile data connection and no phone time minutes, so calls can be made no matter where you are in the world. Your office number is sent and the voice quality is crystal clear, it feels like you always have your business phone with you. Manage your calls and manage flexible routing rules through the Kerio Operator app.

Kerio Operator _ Einfach zu administrieren

Easy to administer

Kerio Operator can be quickly deployed, configured and managed through the easy-to-use web-based administration interface. Also with regard to the automatic telephone connection and the tablet-friendly administration, Kerio Operator is unbeatable.

Kerio Operator _ Kompromisslose Sicherheit

Uncompromising security

Misuse of phone systems can be expensive and you only learn about it when you receive the bill. Kerio Operator prevents misuse. Intelligent security features protect against telephone hackers and abuse. Kerio Operator continuously monitors the system for irregularities, detects and prevents intrusions, and supports call encryption. The duration and number of calls for individual users and the availability of expensive value-added services can be set with definable limits.

Kerio Operator _ Erhebliche Kosteneinsparung

Significant Cost Savings

Kerio Operator is also makes sense financially. You’ll be able to disconnect from your old phone system, expensive PBX and phone technicians with Kerio Operator.
Your new phone system no longer requires special telephone skills. The straightforward application and installation of Kerio significantly reduces the administrative burden and cost and provides your users with practical new features.

Kerio Operator _ Flexible Implementierung

Flexible Implementation

Kerio Operator seamlessly integrates with any environment and adapts to your needs and existing IT processes, infrastructure and organization. No matter which option you use, Kerio Operator always delivers the same great user experience, strict security, and easy administration.

With the Kerio Operator Hosting, walkingtoweb offers you your own private VOIP Cloud in Switzerland. All your data and backups are processed and secured exclusively in our High Security data center in Switzerland.

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