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NextCloud is the private online storage space with a host of additional features for teams and businesses seeking secure data storage. Synchronize and share your data securely to all current devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets using our high security data center in Switzerland.

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Share data securely

NextCloud provides a very modern web interface for managing and sharing data. For MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows, local apps are available that set up a local drive and always keep the documents in sync with online storage. The data can also be used offline and synchronized later automatically.

Benefits of the private NextCloud at walkingtoweb

Full control and security over your own data
Individual access rights for users and teams
Time-limited sharing and logins
Management of documents with comments and tags
Local integration via WebDAV or via the NextCloud client
Work together as a team editing documents in the browser
Revision control and file recovery
External storage via FTP / SMB / Dropbox, Amazon etc.
Storage of all data and backups only in Switzerland
Own domain or subdomain
Security of all access via SSL Cert
Access via VPN on request

Other apps in NextCloud

NextCloud offers the possibility to install individual, complimentary apps, e.g., for project management, for image galleries and more. An overview can be found here

Highest security

The software development at Nextcloud is carried out with a continuous review for security problems and vulnerabilities; updates are delivered very promptly and recorded by us. All your data and backups are processed exclusively in our high security data center in Switzerland and secured exclusively in Switzerland.

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