Recent versions of FileMaker

Here are links to the latest FileMaker versions and more information about FileMaker. For error-free use it is important that you always work with the latest updates of your FileMaker version! The version information of FileMaker can be found in the FileMaker Information window.

Please note that we cannot provide support for FileMaker, please contact FileMaker Support directly.

The latest version of Online FileMaker Help 17 can be found here:

FileMakerMac OSXWindows 32bitWindows 64bit
FileMaker Advanced 17 as of May 2018
FileMaker Advanced17.0.317.0.317.0.3
FileMaker Server17.0.2-17.0.2
FileMaker Pro 16 as of May 2017
FileMaker Pro16.0.516.0.416.0.4
FileMaker Advanced16.0.516.0.416.0.4
FileMaker Server16.0.5-16.0.4
FileMaker Pro 15 as of May 2016
FileMaker Pro15.0.415.0.415.0.4
FileMaker Advanced15.0.415.0.415.0.4
FileMaker Server15.0.3-15.0.3
FileMaker Pro 14 as of May 2015
Support ended September 2018

Not compatible with Mac OSX 10.14!
FileMaker Pro14.0.614.0.614.0.6
FileMaker Advanced14.0.614.0.614.0.6
FileMaker Server14.0.4b-14.0.4a
FileMaker Pro 13 as of December 2013
Support ended September 2017

Not compatible with Mac OSX 10.14!
FileMaker Pro13.0.913.0.913.0.9
FileMaker Advanced13.0.913.0.913.0.9
FileMaker Pro 12 as of April 2012
Support ended September 2016

Not compatible with Mac OSX 10.14!
FileMaker Pro12.0.512.0.412.0.4
FileMaker Advanced12.0.512.0.412.0.4
FileMaker Pro 11 as of March 2010
Support ended September 2015

Not compatible with Mac OSX 10.13!
FileMaker Pro11.0.411.0.311.0.3
FileMaker Advanced11.0.411.0.311.0.3

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