Prices for additional services

Server Management by walkingtoweb

We monitor and maintain your servers so that you can access your systems around the clock. If a server has a problem, we'll take care of it.

Support BRONZESupport SILVERSupport GOLD
Monitoring through walkingtoweb
(24/7/365 hardware monitoring
System Administration
(Regular installation of updates, 2x yearly maintenance
FileMaker Server Administration
(Updates of FileMaker Server and SSL Certs, 2x yearly maintenance)
Backup maintenance

(checking the schedules and backups twice a year
Price per month CHF
Price per month EUR
Basic server setup, FileMaker Server, SSL certificate175,- CHF / 159,- EUR once
Remote HandsOn request
VPN access with IPSec / Kerio VPN5,- CHF / 4,- EUR per month


All prices are net prices and will be invoiced to Swiss customers plus the statutory value added tax of 7.7%. The minimum contract time for the hosting is 6 months and will be automatically renewed if not canceled 4 weeks before the end of the hosting by email. Billing is always in CHF, when applicable. EUR or USD prices are for information only.

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