Integrate FileMaker Apps with other solutions

Use FileMaker as a middleware between your existing solutions in your business and new requirements. With minimal effort, you can develop substantial FileMaker solutions that get even more out of your data.

Integrate mobile solutions with Apple iOS

With the free FileMaker GO you can easily and quickly access your FileMaker databases and thus record and edit mobile data.
More information about FileMaker GO can be found here..
FileMaker GO 16 in the Apple iTunes Store

Presentation and Editing in the Browser with FileMaker WebDirect

With the WebDirect interface, layouts and data can be presented easily and quickly on the Web. Not all FileMaker features are 100% browser-friendly, but WebDirect is a great way to easily enter data or quickly display content.

Supported browsers for WebDirect include Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Safari.
More information about FileMaker WebDirect can be found here.

restFM for integration with other apps

The REST interface makes it easy to create connections between different web solutions. These can be extensive solutions such as SAP or Salesforce or even existing web services like Tableau or the interfaces of shipping companies. restFM enables a variety of integration using standard HTTP GET, POST, PUT and DELETE functions in conjunction with FileMaker Server.

We recommend using the free restFM interface from Goya Pty and not the fee-based interface from FileMaker. Further information can be found here.

FileMaker Server as ODBC Server

The FM Server can read and write directly to external SQL data sources and the FM Server can also be used as an ODBC server for other server services. The easiest way to connect data from ODBC sources is using the Actual ODBC driver from Actual Technologies, thereby enabling integration with MySQL, Postgres, SQLLite, Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
The FileMaker Shared Hosting Servers have Actual ODBC server version installed.

LDAP Integration with the MBS Plugin

The FileMaker Plugins Swiss Army Knife adds a wealth of features and capabilities to FileMaker's capabilities. This includes the integration in LDAP services so that data can be directly exchanged with LDAP or Active Directory servers.
Further information about the LDAP functions of the MBS plugins.

FileMaker plugins to extend functionality

FileMaker allows the integration of a variety of other useful and important functions with FileMaker plugins. Some of these plugins can also be installed on the server, e.g., for automatic sending of email via the server or for integration with the FTP server.
Using a virtual OSX server for FileMaker or a dedicated server for FileMaker at walkingtoweb, you can install the FileMaker plugins of your choice.

The following plugins are used by customers in FileMaker Hosting at walkingtoweb:
SMTPit, POP3it and FTPit from CNS Plugins
Mailit from Davons
File Plugin, Text Plugin and Encryptor Plugin from TROI
MirrorSync and others from 360Works

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