Comparison of FileMaker Cloud Hosting Solutions

For the hosting of your FileMaker database, walkingtoweb offers virtual and dedicated servers based on MacOSX. You can host all FileMaker versions since FileMaker 9 at walkingtoweb.

Deciding which server to choose depends very much on the FileMaker app you want to deploy. If the focus of the FileMaker app is on access via WebDirect, then more server performance is needed than with a database accessed only with FileMaker.
Also relevant to choosing a FileMaker Server is the number of concurrent connections. The more users access the higher the demands on the virtual or dedicated hardware.

If you are not sure which FileMaker Cloud solution is best for you, then we are happy to advise you without obligation.

OSX Server
OSX Server
Shared FileMaker 14Shared FileMaker 12Shared FileMaker 11
FileMaker Server Version14, 15, 16 or 17141211
Access with FileMaker13 to 1712 to 1612 to 147 to 11
Number Databases1 to 501 to 1251 to 201 to 201 to 20
Access with WebDirectYesYesYesNoNo
Access with IWPNoNoNoYesYes
AdministrationAdmin rights entire serverAdmin rights databaseNo
FileMaker PluginsYesOn requestNo
Server scripts and schedulesYes, as desiredYes, 9, - CHF per monthNo
Executing scripts on the serverYes, up to 25 depending on licenseYes up to 100 depending on licenseYes, up to 20 incl.NoNo
Own domain for WebDirectYesYesNoNoNo
Installation of other solutionsYesYesNoNoNo
Storage space40 - 120 GB512 - 1000 GB1 GB per database
SSL Certfrom 79 - CHF per year
50, - CHF Setup
For FileMaker and WebDirekt / IWP incl.
Backup500 GB vHD1000 - 2000 GB LUN HDEvery hour through the server
Own IPv4 address11No
VPN accessfrom 5, - CHF per monthNo

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