Benefits of the FileMaker Cloud by walkingtoweb

Easy Access

Work with your FileMaker database across platforms and locations.
Access it all via FileMaker Pro, iPad, iPhone or a web browser with FileMaker WebDirect.
Problem-free use of other technologies such as PHP, XML, ODBC, restFM and the integration of SQL solutions is also possible. You can offer rich web-based solutions with FileMaker as middleware in conjunction with web hosting at walkingtoweb.

Reduce costs

Reduce the running costs of your entire IT. Save yourself the purchase of high-performance server hardware and the backup and security of your company’s data.

Complete care through walkingtoweb

With FileMaker Hosting at walkingtoweb you can concentrate on your core business. We take care of the setup, maintenance and support of all services on the fly. SSL certificates that really run clean, backup and FailOver solutions for FileMaker, offsite FileMaker Server for your business--we understand all these challenges and the solutions to comprehensively facilitate your IT projects with FileMaker.

Programming online

With your hosted FileMaker database, you can make changes to the scripts, layouts and (almost) all functions in the database during operation and also program them as a team.

Maximum security

walkingtoweb operates its own racks in a high-availability, high-security data center in Switzerland. Our infrastructure is protected multiple times by firewalls and active DDoS protection. The infrastructure of our data center is completely self-sufficient and redundant and fully protected against all external attacks. Access is only possible after personal access control with palm print, 4-eye-principle with the guards and authorization by ID documents. Between the entrance and the racks, 7 more gates have to be opened and unlocked and access is only possible for unlocked users. The data center is equipped with state-of-the-art air conditioning, fire prevention and security systems. In addition, our servers themselves are located in additionally secured racks, which only the employees of walkingtoweb can access.

Best performance

walkingtoweb uses high performance and specially adapted 12Core MacPro servers with at least 64GB of RAM. The virtual OSX hosting takes place on 48Core servers of the latest generation with SSD RAID 10 and a lot of RAM. All servers are maintained by us, checked 24/7 and renewed regularly.
The backbone connection leads directly to the main network nodes in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and Milan.

Comprehensive data protection

All databases are only and exclusively hosted in Switzerland and only secured in Switzerland. We comply with all the data protection regulations of Switzerland and thus also all applicable EU / DE / AT data protection regulations including the DSGvO. Your data is safe with us.

Backups, Backups, Backups

All databases are backed up automatically every hour. We archive the backups weekly and monthly, and years later we can access one version per month. Every day, a zipped version of your database is stored in your FTP directory, and you can access these backups for 7 days.

FileMaker versions 9 to 17

walkingtoweb operates several of its own FileMaker Servers for use with versions 9 through 17. The shared hosting servers permit different language versions for use with WebDirect and you can use our private MacOSX Cloud Server for your individual server solution.

Personal Support

At walkingtoweb you get the benefit of experience evolved over years by nerds who know how things work. If you are interested in a long-term collaboration that includes personal contact and individual support, then we are your partner.
Benefit from the extensive advantages of a secure FileMaker Cloud in Switzerland, independent and optimized for your individual needs, with personal contact and dedicated support.

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