Solutions for your secure data archive at walkingtoweb

Secure online backup

Having no backup is a very dangerous strategy. Every technical device can and will at some point have a defect. Backup and archive your documents and backups in a highly secure data center in Switzerland. We offer you an alternative to Dropbox and other US based services without government access. The integration can be SSL encrypted via FTPs or as WebDAV.

Long-term FileMaker backup archive

In conjunction with the FileMaker Cloud Hosting at walkingtoweb, you can archive your backups for defined periods of time. Archiving one backup per week or per month will allow you to quickly restore the current state of your FileMaker databases, even years later, with little effort.

Online / offline image archives

If you have extensive image archives, e.g., with the image database tha you want to publish online, not all the images have to be directly and immediately available in HighRes formats. With the archive server at walkingtoweb you can split your picture archives. walkingtoweb offers comprehensive solutions for projects with a large amount of data and multi-TB image stocks.

Offsite Backup of Your Synology Servers

Secure your local or walkingtoweb-hosted Synology servers offsite in the data archive at walkingtoweb. Using a RAID system is no guarantee against data loss from hardware damage, theft, fire, etc. Only a backup can secure your company data and thus the longevity of your company.

Protection against ransomware, Trojans, viruses

Protect yourself against attacks with ransomware, Trojans and other pests and back up your data in protected archives. If defense against damage ever becomes ineffective, you can quickly and easily restore previous versions of your precious data.

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