Prices for the CRM hosting of blue. Solutions

blue. Hosting
blue. Hosting
blue. Hosting
Hosting for blue.project / blue.miniYesYesYes
Hosting for blue.mediaNoYesYes
Hosting for blue.cms / blue.storeNoNoYes
Concurrent users510>25
Storage Data and Backups10 GB25 GB50 GB
Access via ODBCYesYesYes
Access via XMLNoNoYes
FileMaker Server inkl.FileMaker Server 14
FileMaker Server optionalYour own FileMaker Server license
BackupHourly + Daily (30 days available)
Price per month CHF
Price per month EUR
Basic Account Setup, FTP Access, BackupInclude
Additional 10 GB Storage25,- CHF / 19,- EUR per month
Backup Archive - Basic Account SetupPriced according to data volume
Additional MySQL Database10,- CHF / 9,- EUR per month
ESS Integration of external MySQL databaseFree
VPN access with IPSec / Kerio VPN5,- CHF / 4,- EUR per month
Recovery of data from a backup - Price per setup85,- CHF / 79,- EUR

blue. Licenses

A prerequisite for hosting the blue. Solutions is the purchase of the appropriate solution at blue. is a purchase solution that can be operated by you locally or by walkingtoweb for hosting. After the end of the hosting you can continue to use blue. locally yourself.


All prices are net prices and will be invoiced to Swiss customers plus the statutory value added tax of 7.7%. The minimum contract time for the hosting is 6 months and will be automatically renewed if not canceled 4 weeks before the end of the hosting by email. Billing is always in CHF, when applicable. EUR or USD prices are for information only.

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