blue.project - project management for teams

blue.project is the agency software for large and small teams and covers all aspects of a project oriented company. blue.project has been the agency software and CRM solution for many years for anyone looking for customizable and expandable software based on FileMaker.

blue.project encompasses CRM, project and job management, time recording, billing, tasks and a calendar. blue. is networkable, modularly expandable and developed for long-range oriented companies. The entire blue. solution has been constantly evolving since 2001 with a solid team of developers and designers, and is deployed in leading design agencies.

With optional plug-ins,
blue.project can be expanded and adapted to your requirements. Also available are blue.control for controlling, as a rental solution, for hosting companies and as a lean CRM software without the project management features.

blue.project 4 _ Company Detail

Highlights of the agency software blue.project

Complete mapping of all processes of project-oriented teams
Integrated task system according to the Getting Things Done principle (GTD)
Calendar with clear weekly display
Work with any number of services and products
Complete multilingualism of services and texts
Own access system with customizable access rights for each menu and each employee
Compatible with Mac OSX 10.9 through 10.14 and Windows 7 through 10

Choice of functions

Personal start menu with current tasks, jobs, appointments, and birthdays
Display of recorded hours by week or by month with target and actual time display
Personal attendance and out-of-office calendar, eg, for vacation, school and sick-days reporting

blue.project 4 _ Personal Dashboard

Filing of any number of addresses, telephone numbers, web addresses, and emails by company and by contact
Individual discounts and special offers by company and by contact
Notes and history function
Link to external document folders

blue.project 4 _ Tasks

Menu Projects for the administration and evaluation of several jobs
Freely definable job number (eg, by customer code, department, year, month, week, day, running number)
Selective duplication of jobs
Creation of new jobs with freely definable job templates
Preliminary calculation based on a freely definable catalog of services and products
Display of consumption and cost per service category
Direct assignment of tasks to the team based on forecasts
Workload report by employee and day of the week based on forecasting and task
Forecasting of revenues, integration into the forecasting of blue.control
Direct commissioning of external companies and freelancers
Working with different hourly and daily rates per service and customer
History function with optional file storage
Link to external documents

blue.project 4 _ Project Budget

Different document numbers for different internal units and companies
Use of any number of multilingual text modules
Adoption of values ​​from jobs (estimates and own and third-party costs)
Subtotals directly in the input
Direct transfer of the PDF to emails
Bundling of several quotes, orders or delivery notices into one invoice
Print red and orange ESR notes (Switzerland)
Display of open invoices with integrated reminders

blue.project 4 _ Offer Detail

Calendar with clearer Weekly presentation in 15 minute intervals
Export of appointments as events to Apple iCal or Outlook
Weekly and monthly calendar with all appointments optionally filtered by employees

blue.project 4 _ Calendar Menu

Definition of fixed, freelance and external employees with assignment of individual access rights
Free assignment of operating numbers per employee for cost and profit calculation.

blue.project 4 _ User Credentials

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