- The image database for teams is a professional image management tool for photographers, image agencies and companies with a large image volume and the need to retrieve all of their data at any time. includes functions for image archiving, keywording and rights management. blue. has been the archive solution for many years for anyone looking for customizable and expandable software. includes image archive, multilingual keywording, rights management, portfolios, RAW, TIFF, JPEG and file management, and a connector for transferring the images to online presentation systems, e.g., the blue. is networkable, modularly expandable and developed for long-range oriented companies. The entire blue. solution has been constantly evolving since 2001 with a solid team of developers and designers, and is used by leading photographers. can be used directly with the agency-software, blue.project, and thus enables a seamless integration of customer data, image rights, jobs and billing. is optionally available as an open, unlimited version which can be integrated into your existing solutions and customized by you. blue. is based on the award-winning database, FileMaker, and can be used in mixed operating system networks (Mac and Win).
Highlights of the image database


Complete mapping of all processes of an image agency, including many special casesIntegrated file management with multiple file paths per image
Working with any number of images and portfolios and any number of predefined selection values
Complete multilingualism of keywords, categories and image descriptions
Own access system with customizable access rights for each menu and each employee
Compatible with Mac OSX 10.9 through 10.13 and Windows 7 through 10 - Menu Picture Category

Choice of function

Simultaneous management of RAW, RAW2, High, Low, edit file paths for each image
Additional version folders for each image, eg, for managing mounted HDR Images
Any number of categories and keywords per image, structured in main and sub-levels
Multilingual management of keywords and categories
Multilingual image descriptions
Marking images by priority
Work with any number of templates during import
Subsequent batch revision of images based on templates, keyword or category sets
Free choice of archive storage location
Storage of search queries
Phonetic search for similar descriptions
Writing and reading of IPTC data according to the IPTC Core standard
Reading of EXIF ​​data
Reading of XMP data according to the XMP Core Standard
Read from GPS data and subsequent editing of the coordinates via a map
Direct connection to the agency software blue.project for the administration of jobs, bills of lading, invoices, and image rights and uses
Automatic renaming of images and files, eg, according to the image number - Menu Picture Licence - Menu Portfolio - Export - Menu Keywords

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