blue.cms - Interactive multi language websites

blue.cms is a CMS system for content maintenance of websites based on a local database. blue.cms enables the multilingual publishing of content with images, PDFs and other media documents, and can be provided with user rights for individual employees and be directly linked to the image database blue.cms can be connected to an existing FileMaker database and integrates with your existing solutions.

blue.cms includes navigation trees, content, pages, document and PDF administration as well as a contact database, eg for newsletters. blue. is networkable, modularly expandable and developed for long-range oriented companies. The entire blue. Solution has been under constant development since 2001 by a solid team of developers and designers, and is deployed in a variety of industrial and creative industries. This website is also driven by blue.cms.

blue.cms is available as a rental solution or as an open unlimited version. With the Unlimited version you can integrate blue.cms into your existing solutions. Your websites can be easily customized by CSS and PHP based on our default template, or you can build your own websites. Integration with the online shop solution is also possible.

Highlights of the website solution blue.cms

Complete solution for multilingual websites, including many special cases
Work with any amount of content and number of pages
Drag & drop integration of images, portfolios, PDFs, files and tables
Complete multilingualism of all content
Own access system with customizable access rights by menu and per employee
Any number of websites can be controlled
Server-based scripts can be used for automation
Interfacing of ODBC, Excel, MySQL with other systems possible
PDF document management with correlation to articles/products from

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